Rhode Island's Permit to Purchase

In Rhode Island purchasing a long gun requires a “Purchase of a Shotgun or Rifle Application Form”, and has a 7 day waiting period for the firearm. Handguns also require a “Purchase of a Shotgun or Rifle Application Form”, but they also require a training course. The applicant needs to complete either a hunter safety course, a pistol safety course (given by the Department of Environmental Management (DEM)) and pass the DEM test, or they must pass the DEM's handgun safety test. After these requirements are met the applicant will receive a state-issued handgun safety card. This card and the “Purchase of a Shotgun or Rifle Application Form” must be presented to the dealer when buying a handgun. Background checks are mandatory in all cases. Active duty military as well as active and retired law enforcement are exempt form this.


RI Gen. Stat. 11–47–35

What is Permit to Purchase?

Some states require that a citizen acquires a permit, before they purchase a gun. If it is required, there will be a fee that varies from state to state. Some states also require finger printing, and background checks before issuing the permit.

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