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Overview for Oklahoma

Chapter 44 of Title 18 of the United States Code (U.S.C.) does not allow citizens, convicted of a felony with a prison sentence over a year to own firearms. This includes hand guns, and long guns. Many states allow convicted felons to own firearms after a certain amount of time has passed, (usually 10 years or more) since the end of their sentence, and/or if they are given a full pardon by certain authority figures (Governors, President, etc.) Oklahoma does not allow felons to own firearms. There is a bill being considered that would allow some nonviolent offenders to own firearms.

Hunting from a motor vehicle, motor boat, or plain is illegal without the written permission of the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Director. Firing and transport of firearms on boats is illegal unless the person is hunting. It’s illegal to fire at animals that are across a railroad right of way, or a public highway/road. It is illegal to hunt or discharge firearms within 440 yards of a school, church, or other public place where people can assemble.

Permit to PurchaseDetails
Open CarryDetails
Concealed CarryDetails
State Preemption of Local RestrictionsDetails
Firearm RegistrationDetails
Owner LicenseDetails

Law Long-guns Handguns
Permit to Purchase No No
Open Carry No Yes
Concealed Carry No Yes
State Preemption of Local Restrictions Yes Yes
Firearm Registration No No
Owner License No No

The Concealed Carry Permit

(often encompasses the open carry permit)

Official Concealed Carry page for Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Concealed Carry Reciprocity

Oklahoma Magazine Capacity


Does Oklahoma have a gun buy back program?

Oklahoma does not run, or fund any gun buyback programs.

Does Oklahoma have an inheritance gun law?

Oklahoma does not have an inheritance gun law.

Oklahoma FAQ

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