Pennsylvania's Concealed Carry

You must be at least 21 to apply for a CCW permit. CCW permits are given on a "shall issue" basis. Permits cost $20 for a Pennsylvania resident and $20 - $25 for non residents. Non-residents must have a permit from their state unless they live in D.C. Illinois, or Vermont.


18 Pa.C.S. ยง 6109

What is Concealed Carry?

Concealed carry is the ability to, legally carry a gun that is not plainly visible. This applies to carrying it on one's person, or inside their vehicle. While many states allow concealed carry of a firearm on one's person with a permit, most do not allow concealed carry in a vehicle, or have strict guidelines on how the gun must be stored.

Most states require the applicant be at least 21 to apply for a permit, along with other requirements unique from state to state. There is a fee invaulved in getting a CCW which varies widly from state to state. Some states honor the concealed carry permit of certain other states (see the Permits Honored section for a complete listing).

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