Minnesota's Permit to Purchase

In Minnesota a permit to carry, acts as a permit to purchase. Traditional long guns can be purchased without a permit, including riffles and shotguns. Permits are not needed for private transfers of firearms between individuals.

Sales of handguns through FFL dealers requires a permit. It is also required to purchase or transfer firearms considered "military-style assault weapons". Permit to purchase required to transfer/purchase "military-style assault weapons" and handguns through FFL dealers. A permit to carry also acts as a permit to purchase for Minnesota residents. Traditional rifles and shotguns may be purchased without a permit. A permit not is required for private transfers between individuals.



What is Permit to Purchase?

Some states require that a citizen acquires a permit, before they purchase a gun. If it is required, there will be a fee that varies from state to state. Some states also require finger printing, and background checks before issuing the permit.

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