License name: Jm Instruction LLC

Business Name: Jc Arms

License Type: 07 - Manufacturer of Firearms Other Than Destructive Devices

Expired Expires: Sep 1, 2020

Jm Instruction LLC in Rockland, MA has a type 07 federal firearm license. Jm Instruction LLC does business under the name Jc Arms This license expired on Sep 1, 2020, which means that unless Jm Instruction LLC has an updated license they cannot continue to legally do business.

License Number



North Atlantic


379 Liberty St Ste 214 A, Rockland, MA

Phone Number


Firearms Manufactured by Jm Instruction LLC

Firearm Type Number MFG Percentage
Pistols 0 0.00%
Rifles 0 0.00%
Revolvers 0 0.00%
Shotguns 0 0.00%
Miscellaneous 492 100.00%

Jm Instruction LLC manufactured 492 firearms with this license in 2020. The pie chart has a breakdown seperated by type of firearms. Miscs make up 100.00% of the firearms that Jm Instruction LLC produce with 492 manufactured.

Licensees near Jm Instruction LLC

There are a total of 14 other firearm license holders in the same zip code as Jm Instruction LLC.

License name Location License Type
Doughboy Police & Fire Supply 295 Union Street, Rockland, MA 01
Weitbrecht Auctioneers Inc 379 Liberty Street Suite 214b, Rockland, MA 07
Bastille Peter R 379 Liberty St 214c, Rockland, MA 01
General Ordnance Inc 379 Liberty Street 214d, Rockland, MA 07
Fahey James Michael 379 Liberty Street, Suite 214g, Rockland, MA 07
Mj Arms LLC 379 Liberty St Suite 214e, Rockland, MA 07
Founding Fathers Firearms Inc 379 Liberty St Ste 214 F, Rockland, MA 07
Whitney Street LLC 379 Liberty St Ste 214i, Rockland, MA 07
Liberty Specialties LLC 379 Liberty St 214g, Rockland, MA 07
Michael Bova 379 Liberty Street Suite 214c, Rockland, MA 07

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