Purchasing a firearm in Mississippi

Steps to Register a Firearm in Mississippi

Requirements to hold a firearm license

This permit is considered an enhanced carry permit in the state of Mississippi. It will allow persons possessing it to carry their firearm, usually most applied to handguns, in certain restricted places. There are still restrictions and so-called safe zones where firearms are never permitted, but this permit allows concealed carry in places others cannot go. It is considered more challenging to obtain, but this is also a state where everyone is allowed to carry concealed, so there must be a proven reason for needing the enhanced carry.

More information on Federal Firearm Licensees (FFL), as well as what each license type can do, can be found on our FFL home page.
We also have a very helpful FFL search tool if you want to search by postal code, state, business name, or even license number.

Does Mississippi Require a Background Check to purchase a Firearm?

No, Mississippi does not have a state law that requires a background check prior to the sale of a firearm, but federal law requires all federally licensed firearm dealers to perform a background check before any sale of a firearm.

Owning a firearm in Mississippi

Does Mississippi have a Gun Free Zone law?

Yes, Mississippi has a defined list of gun free zones:

Does Mississippi Require a Safety Course to own a Firearm?

You are not required to take a safety course in order to own a firearm in Mississippi.

The state only requires the completion of a gun safety class in order to possess an enhanced concealed carry permit.

Common Firearm Offenses in Mississippi

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