Henry Rac Holding Corp

Total Licenses: 2

License types: 1

Total Locations: 2

Total Mfg in 2020: 251,905

Henry Rac Holding Corp has a total of 2 firearm licenses accross 2 distinct locations.

Henry Rac Holding Corp Firearm License List

The table below has general information about each license under Henry Rac Holding Corp. Use the link at the end of each row to expand the information shown for that license.

License Number License Type Location # Mfg Exp Date
3-39-005-07-5C-10192 07 107 W Coleman St, Rice Lake, WI 100,839 Mar 1, 2025 view more
Region: Midwest Manufacturer of Firearms Other Than Destructive Devices Phone: (715)-736-3030
8-22-017-07-2K-00698 07 59 E 1st St, Bayonne, NJ 151,066 Oct 1, 2022 view more
Region: Mid Atlantic Manufacturer of Firearms Other Than Destructive Devices Phone: (201)-858-4400

Firearms Manufactured by Henry Rac Holding Corp

Firearm Type Number MFG Percentage
Pistols 2,827 1.12%
Rifles 228,840 90.84%
Revolvers 0 0.00%
Shotguns 15,629 6.20%
Miscellaneous 4,609 1.83%

Henry Rac Holding Corp manufactured 251,905 firearms in 2020 accross all 2 of their licenses. The pie chart has a breakdown seperated by type of firearms. Rifles make up 90.84% of the firearms that Henry Rac Holding Corp produce with 228,840 manufactured.

Licensees near Henry Rac Holding Corp

The table below has a list of firearm licensees within the same zip code of Henry Rac Holding Corp.

License Name License Number License Type Business Name Location
Yeager Shooting Supplies LLC 3-39-005-01-4K-09928 01 N/A 1667 20th Ave, Rice Lake, WI
General Coin And Gun Exchange Inc 3-39-005-01-5F-14289 01 N/A 2700 Pioneer Ave, Rice Lake, WI

Please use the official tool provided by the ATF website to view the official status any license listed on this page.