License name: Gary Griffiths Engraving LLC

Business Name: N/A

License Type: 07 - Manufacturer of Firearms Other Than Destructive Devices

Expired Expires: Feb 1, 2022

Gary Griffiths Engraving LLC in Preston, ID has a type 07 federal firearm license. Gary Griffiths Engraving LLC does business under the name N/A This license expired on Feb 1, 2022, which means that unless Gary Griffiths Engraving LLC has an updated license they cannot continue to legally do business.

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96 W 800 S, Preston, ID

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Licensees near Gary Griffiths Engraving LLC

There are a total of 15 other firearm license holders in the same zip code as Gary Griffiths Engraving LLC.

License name Location License Type
Smith Terry W 3987 E Glendale Rd, Preston, ID 07
Travis Michael Kunz 19 S State St, Preston, ID 01
Rs Repair LLC 1128 Nhwy 34, Preston, ID 07
Curtis David Gilbert 10 South State Street, Preston, ID 01
Stokes 59 Inc 217 S State St, Preston, ID 01
Bpp Enterprises LLC 191 N 200 E, Preston, ID 01
Matthew Johnson 15926 N Cleveland Rd, Preston, ID 01
Rs Repair LLC 1128 N Hwy 34, Preston, ID 01
Michael C Wilson 4633 Glendale Rd, Preston, ID 02
Clay Torfin 3587 South 800 West, Preston, ID 01

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