Als Sporting Goods Inc

Total Licenses: 2

License types: 1

Total Locations: 4

Total Mfg in 2020: 0

Als Sporting Goods Inc has a total of 2 firearm licenses accross 4 distinct locations.

Als Sporting Goods Inc Firearm License List

The table below has general information about each license under Als Sporting Goods Inc. Use the link at the end of each row to expand the information shown for that license.

License Number License Type Location # Mfg Exp Date
9-87-005-01-5F-01242 01 1075 North Main St Ste 120, Logan, UT 0 Jun 1, 2025 view more
Region: Western Dealer in Firearms Other Than Destructive Devices (Includes Gunsmiths) Phone: (435)-752-5151
9-87-005-01-2J-04165 01 1055 North 800 West Suite 110, Logan, UT 0 Sep 1, 2022 view more
Region: Western Dealer in Firearms Other Than Destructive Devices (Includes Gunsmiths) Phone: (801)-981-9196

Licensees near Als Sporting Goods Inc

The table below has a list of firearm licensees within the same zip code of Als Sporting Goods Inc.

License Name License Number License Type Business Name Location
Utah State University Space Dynamics Laboratory 9-87-005-01-4G-00810 01 N/A 1695 N Research Park Way, North Logan, UT
Kinzan Enterprises LLC 9-87-005-01-2A-01327 01 Cache Firearms 2220 N 1600 E, North Logan, UT
David W Fullmer 9-87-005-01-5F-01398 01 Spectra Design 2185 North 1200 East, North Logan, UT
Central Valley Machine Inc 9-87-005-07-3G-01623 07 N/A 1886 North 100 East, North Logan, UT
Wilson Michael C 9-87-005-02-1J-01931 02 Uncle Mike S 2150 N Main 4, North Logan, UT
3rd Gen Machine Inc 9-87-005-07-3D-02400 07 3rd Gen Tactical 3rd Gen Defense 3gt 1435 North 200 W, Logan, UT
Hair Trigger LLC 9-87-005-07-3B-02410 07 Hair Trigger 491 E 2650 N, North Logan, UT
Ack Enterprises Inc 9-87-005-01-2J-03170 01 Anarchy Outdoors 3065 N 200 W Suite 200, North Logan, UT
Cvm Manufacturing LLC 9-87-005-07-4H-03807 07 N/A 1886 North 100 East, Logan, UT
Lamborn Precision Rifles LLC 9-87-005-07-5F-04170 07 Lpr 1682 Willow Way, Logan, UT

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